Mineral City

Mineral City

The skirts of the Masa Mountain are called “The Neck of the City”. The neck of the city should be decorated with precious stones. It should be beautified with the possibilities of Urban Transformation. The names of precious mineral stones that decorate the neck of the city were given to the living spaces. This project on the outskirts of Masa Mountain was called “MINERALKENT MANSIONS” since it would form an enormous city.

Masa Dağı

1+1 | 2+1 | 3+1

5 Km

11 Km

100 m

2 Km

100 m

50 m²- 130 m²


Mineral City Project is a project with high vision. The designs have been prepared in accordance with the needs of the next 100 years. The smallest details in the project were calculated by our expert staff. It is completely free from economic concerns. Our project, which has been prepared in line with SWOT Analysis and Cost / Benefit Analysis, will surely draw attention of our customers. Buildings producing solar energy is designed. Infrastructure projects of smart houses and smart workplaces system have been prepared. The infrastructure of the project and the buildings are all a new smart city design


Mission of the Project ; It is to actualize the common demands of all human beings in Mineral City project. To become a symbol of coexistence and intercultural tolerance. To realize the unifying basic needs of the 21st century. Renewable energy sources are used in the Project. Safety, health, communication, regular life and comfort are smart city principles. Freed from the complexity of the crowded item; designed to show that less is actually more. The Mineral City Project is committed to give the key of the splendor of simplicity to the people.

Project Location

The project is located in Turkey. The country is the intersection point of Asia, Europe and Africa continents. The country is in the form of a peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. The population of the country is 80 million and its political capital is Ankara. The locomotive of the economy is the city of Istanbul. The city of Antalya is the capital of tourism, history and agriculture. 17 million tourists visit Antalya annually.
The project is in the city center of Antalya. MINERALKENT MANSIONS is located on the skirts of Masa Mountain in the middle of the city. Masa Mountain has a view of the whole city. Thanks to the slope of the mountain skirt, all residences and offices have city and sea views.

Environmental Features of the Project

The project application area is in Antalya city center. It is 10-20 minutes away from all central districts. The project is directly connected to the main roads of the city.
15 minutes to the airport, 10 minutes to the sea, 5 minutes to the forest and picnic areas, 5 minutes to the hospital, 2-10 minutes to all public institutions.
The project is on a hill and facing the city. The project area has a panaromic view of sea, nature, city, sky, mountains, forests, green areas and parks.
The weather is 30-40 degrees in summer, 10-15 degrees in winter, 20-25 degrees in spring and autumn.
10 months of the year it is sunny, 2 months of the year it is partly cloudy or rainy. It has a Mediterranean climate.

Infrastructure of the Project

The infrastructure of the project will be made within the gallery system. Water, electricity, internet, telephone, natural gas, sewage, fiber cabling will be installed completely under the road. Road infrastructure materials will be first class materials. The infrastructure of the sites will also be top quality. Rainwater discharge will be made with the grade elevation projects. First class asphalt coating consists of 5 layers.

Project Products

Smart Housing: (1 + 1 House 50-60 sqm) (2 + 1 House 80-90 sqm) (3 + 1 House 110-130 sqm) Standard houses are designed in this way. However, if the customer requests, 160-180-240-310-420-460-580-710-900 sqm houses may be designed.
Smart Workplace: Smart workplaces and shops with an area of ​​200 to 3000 sqm were designed. Clothes shop, cafeteria, restaurant, bank, post office, pharmacy, market, game room, cinema, gymnasium, white goods stores, furniture stores, entertainment venues were designed.
Smart Social Reinforcement Area: Children’s parks, bicycle paths, sports areas, landscape areas, indoor parking lots, closed market places, meeting rooms are designed with the requirements of the age.

Project Products Features

Perimeter Wall and Lighting, Landscape Area and Lighting, Parking Lot, Parking Garage, Vehicle Electric Charging Station, Security Cabin, 7/24 Security System, Camellias, Children Playgrounds, Outdoor / Indoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Hall, Outdoor Sports Area, Turkish Bath -Spa-Sauna, Cinema Hall, Solar Energy System, Elevator, Satellite Connection, Fiber Internet, Natural Gas, Walking Track, Pharmacy, Beauty Salon, Billiard Hall, Playgrounds, Central Floor Heating System, Central Vacuum Cleaner System, Smart Home Systems, Ambulance, Organic Farm Field, Bakery, Chill Store, Dry Food Storage, Kindergarten, Cafeteria, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Sanctuary, Service Bus

Innovations of the Project

Virtual Reality Promotion
Solar Energy Production
Smart City Infrastructure
Smart Houses
Smart Offices
Smart Social Reinforcement Areas
5G Technology
Internet of Things
Earthquake Resistant
Grade Evelation Project
Infrastructure Gallery System
Renewable Energy Technology
Health Technology Usage
Ultra Security Package
Central Recycling Warehouse

Project Duration

The development plans of the project started in March 2014. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality approved the development plan implementation in the parliament in March 2020.
The application consists of 7 stages and all stages will be completed in 7 years. The first stage will start in 2023 and the whole application will be finished in 2030. The designs and licenses of the project will be prepared between 2021-2023. At the end of 2022, 30 prototype houses will be started to build where we will present examples of project products.